Leaving the land of Oz


Sydney I spent the majority of my final day in Australia at the Museum of Contemporary Art – a brilliant modern art gallery, which was hosting an exhibition of work by British sculptor Anish Kapoor. The works on display were …

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Melbourne again, via nowhere.


The Indian-Pacific There are a few truly great train journeys in the world, and I think the Indian-Pacific should counted highly amongst of them. The full journey crosses Australia from Perth to Sydney, linking the Indian Ocean on the west …

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Western Australia


Western Australia is big. Really big. Even for Australia. This single state accounts for a third of the land area of the country, yet only 10% of the population. In honour of WA, this will be the longest post to …

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Tasmania – Food and festival


Australians in general seem to consider Tasmania to be a little bit backward – many jokes are made about Taswegians behind inbred, having two heads, and general not quite being up to mainland standards. It would be interesting to find …

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Melbourne – Neighbours, Christmas and Cricket


I arrived in Melbourne fairly late in the evening, so had little time to explore. I instead co-opted a random German guy to share a box of wine – I needed someone to share a birthday drink! In a completely …

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Canberra, and the road to Melbourne


Canberra is Australia’s purpose-built capital city, located on the border between New South Wales and Victoria. The history behind this is quite interesting, involving petty politicking and infighting between Melboune and Sydney over the years (Wikipedia article about it). I …

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Byron Bay, and the Return to Sydney


I took a fast bus from Brisbane to Byron Bay early in the morning. My Ausrail pass would have let me take a train and then a connecting bus, however the journey would have been five hours rather the the …

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Noosa and Brisbane


Noosa, or specifically Noosa Heads, is a pleasant little resort town on the Sunshine Coast a few hours north of Brisbane. I came here primarily to catch up with a couple of friends who were heading northwards, but spent a …

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Fraser Island


A twenty hour train journey, and one hour bus journey, brought me to Hervey Bay. The town itself is nothing to write home about really – its primary purpose seems to be as gateway to Fraser Island, being the nearest …

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Northern Queensland – Cairns, Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef


I flew into Cairns on a hot and sunny Monday morning, checked into my hostel, and looked forward to a fun-filled day. Unfortunately I was to be a bit disappointed – Cairns isn’t really my kind of town. For some, …

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