The Next Step…

I arrived back in the UK in June 2013, and immediately started planning the next phase of my travels. During the first trip, I’d planned to go to the Middle East next, which changed to North Africa, and then South America – I seemed to have a different plan each week depending on who I was talking to. As time went on though, I re-evaluated the destinations with a healthy sense of realism (particularly regarding who I am) – Africa was too daunting, South America sounded too dangerous (and busy with the World Cup approaching), and the Middle East has… some political instability. I was probably being a bit wishy-washy on this, but the Asia trip was a huge achievement for me – something a little less monumental was needed.

In the end, I picked North America. Ok, so it’s an easy place to visit: relatively cheap compared to Europe; huge amount of places to go, sights to see; and no language barriers (well, we’ll see on that one I guess). Inspired by a couple I met in various places on the last trip, I decided to get an RV to travel around in – cheaper than car+hotels for a singleton, and more flexible for where I would stay at night. That became the sum total of my planning for the next stage – get an RV, drive round America. We’ll see how that works out!

Right now, I’m sat in a hostel in Reykjavik (a city break before a road trip), the RV has been purchased and insured by my lovely family, and the US adventure starts in a mere handful of days – let’s see where this next adventure takes me.

See y’all!

PS. Pics of the RV to follow soon 🙂

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