O Canada

The first stop on my trail has been Canada, mainly to visit the family and meet my new niece. This is them:

I’ve always told people that they live in the sticks – this is definitely true, however given this house, and this view, who would blame them?

After a brief stop off at my brother’s, we headed down to collect a boat of a friend of his, and sailed (well, motored, as there wasn’t any wind) the 15 miles or so into Toronto harbour. The view of the city from the water has cemented a plan of mine to see as many cities as possible from the water (if there is any) – its just a completely different, and liberating way of seeing places.

The timing of the visit to Toronto was accidentally great – the annual Nuit Blanche contemporary arts festival was being held on one night. It runs on very similar lines to the LightNight festival in Liverpool, where the city’s art galleries and museums stay open late, and the streets are full of one-off art installations and performances. Unfortunately, a combination of heavy crowds and badly fitting sandals made my exploration of the evenings activities sadly brief – however some choice things I saw are below:

Canada was a perfect start to my travelling adventures – a chance to catch up with family and friends, and visit the friendliest city I’ve ever been to. Let’s hope the rest of the world is just as fun – Fiji next stop 🙂


PS. For non-Canadians, ‘O Canada’ is the national anthem. The best rendition is by Canadian national treasure, William Shatner, and can be heard here.

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