At the airport

I was thinking of writing a long rambling pre-departure post – was going to run through lots of the things I’ll miss and what I’m looking forward to. To be honest, its too emotional, and my phone isn’t the best platform for it either. So, i’ll be brief. Farewell my friends, goodbye England, keep hale and hearty. I’ll see you all soon. My gate has been called – time of start the journey…

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3 Responses to At the airport

  1. Sue Dean says:

    Keep safe and enjoy xx

  2. katie dean says:

    Eeeeek good luck! Safe travels 🙂

  3. Rich Davies says:

    Good luck mucker. Think about how little you’ll need to stand furiously shaking your fist at irritating students over the next few months. Well, at least until you get anywhere near Thailand.

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