Travelling Gear – part 1

Well, less than two months before I leave, and I have started to assemble my gear. Here’s most of the things I’ve got so far:

Not a lot, really – but actually that is almost all of my non-clothing list. Admittedly there’s a big sack of camera gear, but I’ll post on that later…



The rucksack I’ve picked is a Berghaus Jalan 60. It’s a travelling pack rather than a trekking pack, in that it opens at the front instead of the top. The main advantage of this is that you can easily get to the entire body of the bag, rather than having to dig down from the top.
One of the specific things about this bag is that it’s designed to travel with you, as well as on you – the pic on the right shows the normal rucksack carrying straps – and nice and comfortable they are too. I do need to get a rucksack cover for when it rains – it’s a shame the Berghaus one is fluorescent yellow 🙁
Then here you can see the strap-cover which totally seals them in. Hopefully this will mean less chance of the straps getting mulched by airport baggage handling 🙂 The bag also has compression straps to keep everything nice and tight, a detachable day-pack, lockable zips – all good stuff.
The all-important towel. This one is a really thin micro-fibre one – supposedly it dries really quickly, though I remain to be convinced that it will be any good as an actual towel. Maybe I should really try it before I go?
The Kindle 3 3G. The ultimate travelling accessory, in my book. Haha – see what I did there 🙂 Not only can this store lots of reading material, but I’m also loading it with travel and laguage guides. Finally, this Kindle has world-wide internet access, so I can check email anywhere for free. Though is that actually a good thing?
A sleeping bag. The New Zealand leg of my trip will mostly involve camping, so this will save having to buy one out there. It was only about £15 from Tesco, but I actually really like it. And it’s tiny, which is a bonus 🙂
A silk sleeping-bag liner from Jag Bags. Apparently these things have magic properties – keeping you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, and keep bed-bugs out. I suspect I’ll be most thankful for the bug-proofing. And before anyone mentions the colour, I didn’t realise quite how purple it would be…
Footwear – the most recommended thing that I came across while researching were Teva sandals. They’re noted for being long-lasting, save on socks, can be used to swim in, and are comfortable enough for all-day walking. Apparently. I gave these Teva Dozers a good work out at Kendal Calling, and my feet didn’t fall off. Bonus 🙂
Finally for this post, a tiny gadgety sort of thing. Two hooks with some twisted shock cord in between = a clothesline. When you can’t carry too many clothes, frequent handwashing is the order of the day – and you need some way of drying everything out. I saw this on a travel blog, and decided I had to have one – it seems to work pretty well, too.

So, that’s my first gear list. I really need to get on to working out what clothes I’m going to take – hawaiian shirts and bermuda shorts, perhaps…

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