About the name…

I spent quite a while trying to work out what name to give this blog. I even went as far as reading other peoples blogs about blog names. It seem became tedious, so I went for simplicity by asking myself two questions: who am I; and what am I doing. I’m Rich, so that bit was easy. I’m going travelling. So ‘Travelling Rich’? Nope – that just sounds like this would be the pompous rants of a wealthy snob (I can’t rule that out, but it won’t be my intention).

My first stop on my trip will be in Canada to see some of my family – in particular, a brand new addition courtesy of my brother and his wife,  so I will officially become an uncle. I also have a sort-of semi-adoptive (its complicated, don’t ask) seven year old niece in Carlisle. In their honour then, the name became ‘Uncle Travelling Rich’. I’m really going to be blogging for them – something for FES to read now, and for the unknown Canadian to read in the future. That will also help me keep the posts informative, and free of swears 🙂

The name also refers to one of the world’s most famous travellers – the Fraggle Uncle Travelling Matt. Like him, I’m leaving a warm and cozy small world, and venturing into a bigger one. I fully expect to be frequently confused, surprised and dumbfounded but I will always act as if I am totally sure of what’s going on, and that i have an explanation for everything.

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