The route, phase one.

When the whole planet is open to you, where do you go?

I started by thinking of completeness. Cover every continent, visit as many places as possible, fill in the archetypal bucket-list of sights. I planned out a rough route lasting a year, and started to tell everyone where I was going. Of course, realism soon kicked in, as it frequently does with me – the ‘everything’ list would take years to do properly, and would be excessively expensive, but maybe above all it would be placing the list itself above the actuality of the travelling experience.

So, I started to dig into the list – a year wouldn’t be enough time to see everything and not just be skipping past places. Extend the times, detail some early stages, be more realistic. Break it up into phases, but how to define the phases? A sensible plan would be to find a simple restriction and plan around that – by far the easiest to find is the limitations of a RTW flight. These tickets apply a milage and stops limit on your journey, and so seem to work really well in this regards. A visit to a travel agent gave me the rules, and I applied that to my list – and I got this route:

[route map_id=1 width=640 height=480]

At the moment, though, it’s still just a plan. I’m well known for not really seeing things through (the boat and campervan are prime examples), so I need to make this happen. Hopefully my ticket will be purchased in a couple of days… Then I’ll start the detailed country-by-country planning.


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